High Definition Video Conferencing

RealPresence Group Series systems offer the following high-definition (HD) capabilities:
  • Send people or content video to the far site in HD

  • Receive and display video from the far site in HD

  • Display near-site video in HD

  • Full-motion HD

Systems with HD capability can send video in wide-screen, HD format. To send video in HD format, use any model of Polycom camera that supports HD video and a Polycom system capable of sending 720p or better video.

When the far site sends HD video, RealPresence Group Series systems with HD capability and an HD monitor can display the video in wide-screen, HD format. The HD 720 format supported by these systems is 1280 x 720, progressive scan format (720p). RealPresence Group Series systems with 1080 capability can receive 1080p progressive format and can display 1080p progressive or 1080i interlaced format.

Near-site video is displayed in HD format when you use an HD video source and an HD monitor. However, near-site video is displayed in SD if the system is in an SD or lower-resolution call.

To use HD for a multipoint call, keep the following requirements in mind:
  • The call must be hosted by a system or a conferencing platform that supports HD such as Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server 1500 or 2000.

  • The system host must have the appropriate option keys installed.

  • All systems in the call must support HD (720p at 30 fps) and H.264.

  • The call rate must be high enough to support HD resolution.

  • The call cannot be cascaded.