Programming the Remote Control

Use the remote control to power on and off your system, or to put the system to sleep or wake it. For details about how to use the remote control, refer to the Polycom RealPresence Group Series User Guide .

You can customize the behavior of the remote control to support the user's environment. Note the following regarding remote control behavior:
  • If the system is paired and connected with a RealPresence Touch, the remote control can perform some limited functions.

  • If the RealPresence Group Series system is paired and connected with a Polycom Touch Control, the remote control is disabled.

  • The room system remote control IR transmits a modulated frequency of 38 kHz.

  • When a USB keyboard is connected to a room system, you can enter only numbers with the remote control on the system's local interface on the Place a Call > Keypad or Place a Call > Contacts screens.