Configure Location and Time Settings

You can configure location settings on the Polycom Touch Control.


  1. From the Home screen, touch Administration.
  2. Touch the Location tab.
  3. Select a language from the Language menu.
  4. Configure the following settings under Date and Time.



    Time Zone

    Specifies the time difference between GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and your location.

    Time Server

    Specifies connection to a time server for automatic Touch Control time settings.

    The date and time must be manually reset every time the Touch Control restarts, in the following cases:
    • Time Server is set to Off.

    • Time Server is set to Manual or Auto, but the Touch Control cannot connect to a time server successfully.

    Time Server Address

    Specifies the address of the time server to use when Time Server is set to Manual.

    Time Format

    Specifies your format preference for the time display and lets you enter your local time.