Set Up the Polycom Touch Control

The Polycom Touch Control allows you to control a RealPresence Group Series system.


  1. Ensure that the correct software is installed on the system that you want to control, and that you have completed the setup wizard on the system.
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable to the underside of the Polycom Touch Control.
  3. If you intend to use the Polycom Touch Control to show content from a computer, connect the USB cable to the underside of the Polycom Touch Control.
  4. If you want to connect the stand, route the Ethernet and USB cables through the opening in the stand.

    Then attach the stand to the Polycom Touch Control by tightening the mounting screw with a screwdriver.

  5. Plug the Ethernet cable into the wall outlet:
    • If your room provides Power Over Ethernet, you can connect the Ethernet cable directly to a LAN outlet.
    • If your room does not provide Power Over Ethernet, you must connect the Ethernet cable to the power supply adapter. Then connect the power supply adapter to a LAN outlet and power outlet.The Polycom Touch Control powers on and displays the language selection screen.
  6. Choose your language and follow the onscreen instructions to pair the Polycom Touch Control with your system, or select Pair Later on the Pairing screen to skip pairing.
  7. After the Polycom Touch Control connects to the network, enter the RealPresence Group Series system IP address and touch Connect.

    By default, the IP address of the system is displayed on the bottom of its Home screen. If the system is configured to allow pairing and you enter the IP address for the system correctly, the Touch Control displays a prompt for the system admin user ID and password.

    When the Polycom Touch Control has paired and connected with the system, the Polycom Touch Control displays a success message, and the menus on the system monitor become unavailable.