Sharing Content

How you share content depends on whether you are controlling your system with the remote control, the touch interface, or a Polycom touch device.

You can share one content source and one people video source at a time, and you can switch to a different type of content or people video source as needed. Participants at other sites can also show content or people video sources, but only one site can share content at any given time. RealPresence Group Series systems can receive RDP and if you share content from the system, that content is sent in the People stream.

Note: You cannot display copyright protected content, such as that included on some DVDs.

Besides showing content, you can also receive and control Microsoft content initiated with a content-sharing request.

You can share the following types of content:
  • Any information stored on a computer connected to a RealPresence Group Series system or Polycom touch device
  • Images on a USB drive connected to the system
  • Content sent from the Polycom® People+Content™ IP application, which is installed on a computer connected to the RealPresence Group Series system
  • Content from a DVD or DVR player connected directly to a RealPresence Group Series system
  • Content from the Polycom® VisualBoard™ application
  • Content sent using the SmartPairing feature in the Polycom® RealPresence® Desktop or RealPresence Mobile applications
Note: To share content using a RealPresence Group 300 system, you must use the People+Content IP application.