Share Content using People+Content IP

After you connect a USB micro cable from your computer to the RealPresence Touch, you can share content that is on the computer. When the USB micro cable is connected, the People+Content IP application is available as a drive on your computer.

The computer does not need a LAN connection for this feature, because content information is sent over the USB micro cable connected to the RealPresence Touch device. Windows and Macintosh computers are supported. Content audio is not supported.


  1. After you connect the USB micro cable, open the People+ContentIP.exe or .dmg file to start the application. Enter the Conferencing System IP address of the system and click Connect.
  2. On the RealPresence Touch, tap Content.
  3. Under Content source, tap People+Content IP and tap Show Content.

    Content on your computer is now showing on the connected room system monitor.