New Meetings

The directory on your system stores contact information that you can use to quickly call contacts. Any contacts that you add to the directory are accessible to everyone at your site who uses the system. Users at other sites cannot access the contacts on your system.

When a contact is listed in the directory of your system, the system displays the name on the screen when receiving an incoming call. If a contact that is not listed in the directory calls, the dialing information for that contact displays, and you can choose to save the information in the directory when the call ends.

Your system supports up to 2,000 contacts, or an unlimited number of contacts when the system is registered with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 or Skype for Business Server 2015. If your system is registered with one of the supported Microsoft servers, you can search the directory, view a list of contacts, view contact presence states, and call contacts from the directory.

For more information about this and other Microsoft and Polycom interoperability considerations, refer to the Polycom Unified Communications for Microsoft Environments Deployment Guide.