Camera Presets in Single Camera Mode

In Single Camera mode, camera presets are stored camera positions that you can create before or during a call. Presets enable you to quickly point a camera at pre-defined locations in a room and select a video source, such as a document camera or an auxiliary camera. Presets remain in effect until you change them.

If your system camera supports pan, tilt, and zoom movement, you can create up to 10 preset camera positions for the near-end camera. Each preset stores the following information:
  • Camera number
  • Camera zoom level
  • Camera direction
  • Snapshot of the camera view

If far-end camera control is allowed, you can create 10 presets for the far-end camera as well. These presets are saved only for the duration of the call. You can also use presets that were created at the far end to control the far-end camera, if enabled by the administrator.

Keep the following camera control information in mind when using Self View:
  • When in a call, selecting near camera control pans and zooms the local camera without changing the layout.
  • When out of a call, selecting camera control changes the Self View to full screen.
  • Incoming calls override the full-screen Self View layout.