Encryption and Security

When a call is encrypted, a locked padlock displays on the monitor. If a call is not encrypted, an open padlock displays on the screen. The padlock icon also displays in the following situations:

  • If you are in a point-to-point call or a conference call hosted by another system, the padlock icon displays the state of your individual connection.
  • If you are hosting a conference call, the padlock icon displays the combined state of all connections: encrypted if all connections in the call are encrypted, unencrypted if one or more connections in the call are not encrypted.

In one call, some connections might be encrypted while others are not. However, the padlock icon might not accurately indicate whether the call is encrypted if the call is cascaded or includes an audio-only endpoint. If encryption is required on your system, the far-end must support encryption or the call will not be completed.

Note: To avoid security risks, Polycom recommends that all participants communicate the state of their padlock icons verbally at the beginning of a call.