Holding Effective Meetings

Conducting a successful meeting in a RealPresence Immersive Studio, RealPresence OTX Studio, or RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex room is easy. Because you don't have to manage cameras, microphones, speakers, remote controls, and other equipment, you can concentrate on sharing important information.

In a telepresence conference, all movements, expressions, and gestures are visible to everyone. As in any meeting, avoid repetitive motions that may distract other participants, such as tapping your pen or fingers on the tabletop.

The microphones are extremely sensitive. They can pick up all sound in the room—even gentle noises and whispers—and even if you are not in camera range. Refrain from sidebar conversations that can be distracting to participants in multipoint meetings.

When speaking, you do not have to direct your speech to a certain location or speak louder than normal. Speak in your normal tone and conversational volume.

If you plan to share content, connect and test your source before the meeting to ensure that the sound, graphics, video, and presentations are working properly.