Polycom RealPresence Mobile Modes of Operation

Polycom® RealPresence® Mobile application has two modes of operation:

  • In standalone mode, RealPresence Mobile supports registration and calling with an H.323 gatekeeper and/or a SIP server. It does not require registration with a Polycom provisioning server such as a Polycom® RealPresence® Resource Manager system. In standalone mode, you have direct access to the configuration and settings of RealPresence Mobile.

  • In managed mode, RealPresence Mobile registers with a Polycom provisioning server like a RealPresence Resource Manager system. The Polycom provisioning server configures RealPresence Mobile automatically. It also provides access to a centralized directory server. In managed mode, the Polycom provisioning server manages licensing of RealPresence Mobile, so you do not need to purchase an individual license.