Set Up BroadSoft Device Management Server to Provision RealPresence Mobile

To configure the BroadSoft Device Management Server for provisioning RealPresence Mobile, the BroadSoft Device Management administrator needs to pay attention to the following steps.


  1. Review the sample file named ProvisionData-template.xml released with RealPresence Mobile. The file ProvisionData-template.xml is published on Polycom Support.
  2. Decide what is to be provisioned in the customer deployment.
  3. Create your RealPresence Mobile provisioning template by defining the customer TAG set and assigning default values to each customer TAG.
  4. When adding a new Device Profile Type for RealPresence Mobile in the BroadSoft Device Management system, set the parameters to the values as follows:
    • Set Device Access Context Name to dms.

    • Set Device Access URI to POLYCOM/RPM.

    • Use the customer TAG set that you defined as Default System Tag Set and Tag Set.

  5. When adding a new Device Profile Type file for the new created iDevice Profile Type, set the parameters to the values as follows:
    • Set Device Access File Format to ProvisionData.xml.

    • Set Repository File Format to ProvisionData-%BWLOGIN-ID-1%.xml.

    • Set File Category to Dynamic Per-Device.
    • Set File Customization to Administrator and User.

    After creating this Device Profile Type file, create a device profile for it.

  6. When adding or editing existing users for RealPresence Mobile:
    • Choose Use Custom Credentials in the Authentication panel. The custom credentials will be the sign-in credentials for RealPresence Mobile.

    • Bind the created device profile to the user account.

    If necessary, you can specify the Custom TAGs of the user account for the provisioning. The new values will overwrite the default values specified in the template ProvisionData.xml file.

After the configuration is done and the SRV record _dmsconfig_tcp is set on the DNS server properly, RealPresence Mobile can detect the provisioning server automatically using users’ emails. Users can also specify the server when signing into RealPresence Mobile. RealPresence Mobileassumes each BroadSoft user has its specific provisioning data. If a user signs into RealPresence Mobile on multiple devices with the same user account, all the devices will get the same provisioning data.