Additional Configuration

Additional configuration tasks are discussed in Chapter 2 of the Polycom® RealPresence® Resource Manager System Operations Guide. For example:
  • Configure the system for device management of your RealPresence Clariti video infrastructure
  • Configure your system for redundancy, if applicable.

  • Set up your site topology.

  • As needed for conference scheduling:
    • Integrate with a RealPresence DMA system for gatekeeper, SIP registrar, and virtual meeting room services.

    • Integrate the system with a Microsoft Active Directory.

    • Configure Areas. (Area functionality is a separately licensed feature.)

    • Add MCUs that you want the prod_name_short to manage.
  • As needed for administration:

    • Associate users with roles. You will need at least one user with the device administrator role who will be able to create machine accounts for devices. You will also need at least one user assigned to the role of operator or scheduler/advanced schedule so conferences can be scheduled.

  • As needed for endpoint management:

    • Associate users with endpoints.

    • Create provisioning profiles and rules for dynamically managed endpoints and phones.