Initial Configuration

When you log into a RealPresence® Resource Manager system that has not been configured, the First Time Setup Wizard automatically steps you through a series of ordered configuration pages. You cannot use the system until you've completed the steps in the first time setup.

Note: Appliance Edition Network Connectivity

You perform the first time setup of theRealPresence® Resource Manager, Appliance Edition, system when it is not yet on the corporate network. This means you need to manually verify that the network addresses you are using for services such as an NTP, DNS, or OCSP are correct.

The RealPresence® Resource Manager system cannot check these addresses until placed on the network. If these network settings are entered incorrectly, theRealPresence® Resource Manager system may not start properly or be unreachable.

Note that changing configuration settings on some pages of the First Time Setup Wizard, such as the System Information page, will cause the system to reboot. When you log into a system after one of these reboots, the next page in the ordered configuration pages appears.