Request Certificates

If you are using certificates, you should use the same certificates that you used for the initial installation of the system. If that information is not available, use the information below to set them up.

Certificates and certificate chains are a security technology that allows networked computers to determine whether to trust each other.

By default, to support encrypted communications and establish a minimal level of trust, the system includes a default key and self-signed certificate. However, to implement a full certificate chain to a root certificate authority (CA), the system requires a root CA certificate, an identity server certificate signed by the root signing CA and a Sub CA certificate. Therefore, at some time you must request these certificates from your CA.

You can install the root CA and intermediate certificates during first time setup or return to this task at a later time. However, with regard to the identity server certificate you have two options:
  • The RealPresenceĀ® Resource Manager system First Time Setup Wizard supports the function of creating a certificate signing request (CSR). Therefore, you may choose to create the CSR for the identity server certificate during first time setup and suspend the process while you wait for your CA to provide the certificate.

  • You can also request the identity server certificate in advance of first time setup, but to do this you must have extensive knowledge of certificates, certificate templates, and CSR structures.