Complete the First Time Setup Worksheet

Before you begin install and system setup, fill out the My System Values column of this worksheet.


My System Values

Factory-Set Default Values


System Network Settings (from Admin > Server Settings > Network)

System Name


System name of the RealPresenceĀ® Resource Manager system.

Can be up to 32 characters long; dashes and underscores are valid characters.

DSCP Marker

Allows the administrator to configure the Quality of Service level of the RealPresenceĀ® Resource Manager

Set the level between 0 - 63.

IPv6 Address

IPv6 global address.

IPv6 Prefix length

Within IPv6 networks, the prefix length is the equivalent of the subnet mask in IPv4 networks. Should be 1-128.

IPv6 Default Gateway

The IPv6 address of the gateway server/router. For IPv6 networks only.

IPv6 Link Local Address

Read-only field. The RealPresenceĀ® Resource Manager system generates a value for this field when IPv6 is enabled.

IPv4 Address

Static, physical IP address for the system server on an IPv4 network. is the default value that needs to be changed according to your own network.

IPv4 Subnet Mask

Network subnet mask of the system server. For IPv4 networks only.

IPv4 Default Gateway

IP address of the gateway server/router. For IPv4 networks only. is the default value. You need to change this to match the gateway IP for your network.

DNS Domain

This is the DNS domain name suffix for the network in which the domain name server and the system server reside. For example, not the fully qualified path of <hostname>

Preferred DNS Server

IP address of the domain name server.

Alternate DNS Server

IP address of an alternate domain name server. The alternate IP address can does not have to match the network type of the preferred server. For example, the preferred DNS server can be IPv4, while the alternate DNS server can be IPv6.

Enable 802.1.x


Enable 802.1.x if your network requires this type of authentication. 802.1.x is commonly required in maximum security environments.

User Name

The user name for the 802.1.x account.


The password for the 802.1.x account

Confirm Password

Confirm the password for the 802.1 x account.

Key Management Protocol

Select the appropriate Key Management Protocol for your environment.

EAP Method

Select the appropriate EAP Method for your environment.

Phase2 Protocol

Select the appropriate Phase2 Protocol for your environment.

System Time Information (from Admin > Server Settings > System Time)

System Time Zone

Current Date

Current Time

External NTP Server

For Appliance Editions, IP address of external NTP time server (optional).

For Virtual Editions, the value for NTP server is inherited from the RealPresence Platform Director system.

Information Required for Polycom Customer Support (from Admin > Server Settings > Licenses)

Serial number

License number