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Managing RealPresence Group Series Via Polycom Trio

You can manage and update a RealPresence Group Series system via a Polycom Trio system when they pair.

The RealPresence Resource Manager system can provision the specific RealPresence Group Series parameters that Polycom Trio supports. You also can update a paired RealPresence Group Series system by creating a configuration profile to set the download URL and upload its software update file.

If your RealPresence Group Series solutions were under dynamic management and now are paired with Polycom Trio, you must do the following before provisioning paired RealPresence Group Series.

Remove the provisioning server address from RealPresence Group Series.

Remove the RealPresence Group Series solutions from the RealPresence Resource Manager system.

If you want to upgrade both RealPresence Group Series and Polycom Trio when they pair, both systems require a configuration profile. Therefore, you need one configuration profile that specifies Group Series as the endpoint type, and another one that specifies an endpoint type as Polycom Phone.


When you upgrade RealPresence Group Series solutions behind a firewall register to RealPresence Resource Manager via DMA Edge, you must include the following attribute in the configuration profile applied to the paired Polycom Trio system:
mr.deviceMgmt.vc2.param.softwareUpdateProxyServer = DMA-Edge IP address or domain

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Upload the Software Update for RealPresence Group Series Endpoints

Polycom recommends you to do software updates using the split packages available on Polycom Support  to reduce consuming system resources.


The RealPresence Resource Manager system doesn’t generate a configuration profile automatically after you upload a RealPresence Group Series image.

To upload the software package and create a software update:

1 Go to Endpoint > Phone Management > Upload Software Updates.

2 Select Group Series from the Endpoint Type drop down list.

3 Click Add plus_icon00007.png.

4 If an activation key code is required to activate the software update:

a Select the Update Requires Key check box.

b In the Software Update Key File field, browse to the .txt key file you received in Request Upgrade Activation Keys.


The key is generated from the endpoint serial number and version number, and Polycom sends it as a text (.txt) file to the customer when new software is available.
After uploading a software image, you cannot view the key file anymore. To update the file, you must re-upload the software with updated key file.

5 In the Software Update File field, browse to the software update file you downloaded.

6 Enter a meaningful description that helps other users to understand the purpose of the software update.

7 Click OK.

A software image for RealPresence Group Series endpoints is created. You can view the software image at Endpoint > Dynamic Management > Upload Software Updates and at Endpoint > Phone Management > Upload Software Updates when you choose Group Series as the endpoint type.

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