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Managing Phones

You can monitor and manage your devices directly in the RealPresence Resource Manager system.

RealPresence Resource Manager supports standard SIP servers and the following Polycom phones:


RealPresence Resource Manager can only integrate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
Polycom CX5100 does not support sync messages from the RealPresence Resource Manager system. For example, after making changes to a configuration profile applied to CX5100 endpoints, and click Save and Apply to apply the changes immediately, CX5100 cannot respond and reboot to accept the changes. The changes take effect at the next polling interval. You also can manually reboot CX5100 to apply the changes.
Supported Phones Types and Models

Phone Type

Phone Model

VVX 101
VVX 150
VVX 201
VVX 250
VVX 300
VVX 301
VVX 310
VVX 311
VVX 350
VVX 400
VVX 401
VVX 410
VVX 411
VVX 450
VVX 500
VVX 501
VVX 600
VVX 601
VVX 1500
SoundStation IP 5000
SoundStation IP 6000
SoundStation IP 7000
SoundStation Duo
SoundPoint IP 321
SoundPoint IP 331
SoundPoint IP 335
SoundPoint IP 450
SoundPoint IP 550
SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 650
SoundPoint IP 670
SoundStructure VoIP Interface
SoundStructure VoIP Interface
Polycom Trio
Polycom Trio 8500
Polycom Trio 8800
Polycom Trio Visual+
Polycom RealPresence Group Series
(Hardware version 20 and later)
RealPresence Group 310
RealPresence Group 500

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