Managing Service Groups

A service group is a logical collection of hardware appliances and/or virtual machine instances that are configured to work together.

A service group might consist of a RealPresence DMA instance, one or more RealPresence Collaboration Server Systems, RealPresence Web Suite Services and Experience Portals, and others.

The instances in a service group are typically configured to work together to provide video collaboration services to the users of various Polycom audio and video collaboration systems in your organization's locales. A service group could represent a service provider creating a group that serves a particular enterprise, one campus of an enterprise, a division or geographical locale within a company, or any other group recognized by your organization. With these related instances placed in a logical group, they can be monitored as a unit and measured to determine usage statistics.

With a service group, you can manage and monitor multiple types of instances on a single map and view a graphical representation of their usage.

The service group map allows you to navigate to any Polycom network device within the service group. When you navigate to a network device to manage it, you can view the web interface for that network device in a new tab on your browser.

You can also set service group-level settings such as time settings, SNMP, and Active Directory integration.