Understanding Dynamic Endpoint Management

You can use the flexibility of a rule-based system to apply dynamic provisioning profiles.

You can create multiple rules and associate a profile with more than one rule at a time. A provisioning rule consists of one or more conditions that must be met before the dynamic provisioning profile can be applied.

Dynamic management enables a Polycom endpoint to poll the RealPresence Resource Manager system automatically to get provisioning updates (configuration settings) and software updates on a regular basis. It’s client-to-server over HTTPS, which makes it more secure and firewall friendly.

Dynamic management is available in the following situations:
  • Only for Polycom endpoints
  • When Polycom endpoints are able to automatically discover the RealPresence Resource Manager system. This means you need to add the DNS service record (SRV record) for the RealPresence Resource Manager system to your DNS server
  • Optional when your system is integrated with an enterprise directory

In dynamic management mode, when a endpoint starts up and at designated intervals thereafter, it automatically polls the RealPresence Resource Manager system for a newer software update package or provisioning profile. If a either is found, the package URL is sent in XML format over a secure HTTPS connection.

Endpoints do not poll the system if they are in a call. They restart polling after the call ends.