Understanding Network Device Management

The Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager system acts as network device management console for systems within your video infrastructure environment.

Network devices include any infrastructure device that the RealPresence Resource Manager system manages, licenses, or is aware of.

You can add network devices to the RealPresence Resource Manager system for monitoring, licensing, as well as service integration, depending on the product.

You can access individual products directly from the RealPresence Resource Manager system device management console after you have added them to the system. In addition, you can manage the time, SNMP, and Active Directory settings for all network devices via a service group.

You must have the Device Administrator role to add new network devices to the system or edit their properties. If your system supports multi-tenancy and areas have been enabled, users with the Area Administrator role can also perform some device management tasks.

The remaining user roles can view network devices, but not add new ones or modify settings.