Using Bundled Provisioning Profiles

The Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager system supports Bundled Provisioning Profiles for dynamically managed Polycom RealPresence Group Series systems, Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio systems, RealPresence Centro, and Polycom HDX (v3.

0.3 and higher) systems. With Bundled Provisioning Profiles, a RealPresence Resource Manager user with the administrator role can download a bundled provisioning profile from any already configured endpoint that is dynamically managed by the RealPresence Resource Manager.

You can then indicate which supported dynamically managed endpoint of the same model and software version will receive the bundled provisioning profile when it next polls the RealPresence Resource Manager system for new provisioning information.

Note: Bundled provisioning profiles are one of three types of provisioning profiles that you can use when dynamically managing an endpoint.

Bundled provisioning profiles provides businesses with an efficient and effective way to provision RealPresence Group Series, RealPresence Immersive Studio systems, and Polycom HDX systems consistently across each model. Endpoint users with administrative rights can still change the settings on an HDX system after the bundled provisioning profile is applied. However, if another profile is sent by the RealPresence Resource Manager system, it will overwrite the user's changes.