Create an Automatic System Backup

Polycom recommends scheduling regular system backups.

When you configure automatic system backups, the system backup zip file is automatically created and sent via FTP site to an external server. Be sure the external storage server has enough space to store regular backups. Verify the size of the backup file occasionally to ensure transfer success.

If you have enabled the RealPresence Resource Manager whitelist, you need to include the IP of the FTP site you use to store system backups in the whitelist.


  1. Go to Admin > Maintenance > Backup/Restore System Settings.
  2. Configure the settings for FTP of Auto System Backup.
  3. To verify that the FTP settings are functional, click Test Archive Settings.

    If the RealPresence Resource Manager system cannot contact the FTP server, the system generates an alert.

  4. When the settings are correct, click Save Settings.