Set RealPresence Resource Manager System Remote Alert Level Settings

The RealPresence Resource Manager system monitors and reports events regarding its performance, connections, and services.

It divides alerts into four alert levels: Warning, Minor, Major, and Critical.

By default, most of the Alert Severity Levels are set to Warning for all of the Resource Manager Alert Types they report. You have these options:
  • You can leave the Alert Severity Levels set to Warning and create a single remote alert profile that enables you to notify all users assigned that profile about system events of all types.
  • You can change some of the Alert Severity Levels to Minor, Major, or Critical and create multiple remote alert profiles that notify different users of system events of different types and severity levels.


  1. Go to Alert > Alert Level Settings.
  2. Click the RealPresence Resource Manger tab.
  3. Change the alert severity level for the RealPresence Resource Manager alert type system events, as required.
  4. Click Update.