Endpoint Information

The following table explains the endpoint information.




The state of the endpoint. Possible values include:
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Licensed
  • In a call
  • Gatekeeper/SIP/Cloud Service Registered
  • Gatekeeper/SIP/Cloud Service/Signaling Unregistered
  • Registration Status Unknown/Not Applicable
  • Endpoints behind Firewall
  • Error
  • Warning
  • All paired peripherals are connected without alerts
  • One or more paired peripherals are turned off or no longer connected
  • One or more paired peripherals has an error
Note: If a phone crashes while in a call, the phone status may not update after it reconnects to the RealPresence Resource Manager system. When the RealPresence Resource Manager system gets a new call status from the phone or detects that the phone is offline, the system updates the phone's call status.


The management mode for the endpoint. Possible values include:
  • Non-dynamically Managed Endpoints
  • Dynamically Managed endpoints
  • Synced RealPresence DMA Endpoints
  • Synced CUCM Phones
  • Auto-Added UC Device
  • Manually Added UC Device

Note: Auto-added and Manually UC devices refer to the phones and other Polycom UC endpoints such as Polycom Studio.


The assigned name of the endpoint.


The type of endpoint.

MAC Address

The MAC address of the endpoint.

IP Address

The IP address assigned to the endpoint.


(Available only when Areas are enabled.) The area with which the endpoint is associated.

Users can only view area information for the areas to which they belong or have been assigned to manage.

Dial String

The dial string for the endpoint. If the endpoint has more than one dial string, it displays one based on this order:
  • SIP
  • H.323
  • ISDN


The user associated with the endpoint.

Endpoint Groups

The endpoint group to which the endpoint belongs.

Software Version

Endpoint's version.