Backup and Delete Audit Files

The RealPresence Resource Manager system enables you to store audit logs locally until the maximum file storage limit of 2 GB is met.

You should periodically roll the logs, and then backup the archived files and delete them from the local system.

You can create a backup of audit files and then delete the files from the server. After you create a backup (a zip file) you are prompted to verify that the files are authentically from the server from which they were downloaded and have not been modified since being downloaded. You need to verify the zip file with the Polycom Verification Utility which is provided.

You must have the auditor role in order to download and delete audit log files.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Maintenance > Audit Log Files.
  2. Select the audit log file(s) that you want to backup and delete.
  3. Click Backup and Delete.
  4. The files will be saved in your browser's download folder.
  5. In the Backup and Delete dialog, ensure that each audit log file that you want to backup is selected.

    All audit logs are selected by default, you can deselect the files that you do not want to include in the archive.

  6. Click Download Verification Utility if you want to delete the backed-up logs.

    The Polycom File Verification Utility generates a checksum number that can be used as a verification code to ensure that the audit log files have not been modified after they were downloaded.

  7. Execute the File Verification Utility and browse to the location of the audit file backup.

    After doing so, the File Verification Utility will output a value that can be copied to the clipboard.

  8. Copy the Verification Value and enter it into the Verification Code section of the RealPresence Resource Manager system dialog.
  9. Click Verify and Delete.

    The audit logs are deleted from the RealPresence Resource Manager system.