Edit a User

For local users added manually to the RealPresence Resource Manager system, you can edit all user information.

Before you begin

You need the Administrator role to edit users.

If you change the user ID, the user must log into the associated endpoints with the new ID.

For users added through the enterprise directory, you can edit their roles (unless the role is inherited from a group) and associate them to endpoints, but you cannot change user names, user IDs, or passwords.


  1. Go to User > Users.
  2. Search for the user you want to edit.
  3. Select the user you want to edit and click Edit .
  4. As required, edit the General Info, Associated Endpoints,Associated Roles,Managed Areas, Associated Alert Profile, and Dial String Reservations sections of the Edit User dialog.

    If the user has multiple associated endpoints, list the endpoints in order of priority, with the primary endpoint first.

    When scheduling a user in a conference, the RealPresence Resource Manager system will, by default, schedule the user's primary endpoint. The scheduler can choose to change the request to schedule one of the user's other endpoints.

  5. Click Update.