Anytime Conferences

Anytime conferences are scheduled RealPresence DMA conferences that do not have designated start and end times.

These conferences are not recurring. To be able to add Anytime conferences, the RealPresence Resource Manager system must be connected to a Polycom RealPresence Distributed Media Application™ (DMA) system.

Anytime conferences do not have designated start and end times. Once an Anytime conference is configured, conferences can be started at any time by authorized participants. The following events occur when a new Anytime conference is added:
  • A participant with scheduling permissions creates a new Anytime conference and the conference is assigned a virtual meeting room (VMR) number.
  • The Owner passcode is automatically generated and required to launch an Anytime conference.
  • All Anytime conference participants receive an email indicating the VMR number. The owner will also receive the owner passcode needed to launch the conference. Optionally, you can also include a conference passcode that participants are required to enter.
  • When a participant dials the VMR number and enters the owner passcode, all dial-out participants are automatically called. If a participant dials into the VMR, they are not allowed into the conference or placed on hold until someone dials in and enters the owner passcode.
  • The conference continues until all participants hang up the call.
  • You can terminate an anytime conference from the RealPresence Resource Manager UI. There is no impact on the VMR.