Conference Templates

Users with Advanced Scheduler or Operator permissions can also specify a conference template to use.

Note: Two conferences scheduled with the same template may have different settings and behavior if they are hosted on different types of MCUs. Minimize or eliminate such differences by ensuring that all MCUs are similarly configured.
When using conference templates, keep in mind:
  • Conference templates provide default conference settings. When you select a different template, you are selecting the default conference settings for your conference.
  • The Default Template and Default Audio Template are available to all users who can schedule conferences. Other templates may also be available if they have been assigned to users with your role.
  • The Default Template and Default Audio Template are stored in the system database and their names are not localized.

Conference templates for MCUs are stored in the RealPresence Resource Manager system, while conference templates for Pooled Conferences are defined in the RealPresence DMA system.