Scheduling Participants

When you schedule conferences, you select the participants you wish to join the conference from your user directory.

Depending on your system configuration, your user directory may be the enterprise directory, the Global Address Book, or one or more local address books. It may also include Guest Book entries.

For participants that have multiple endpoints registered with the RealPresence Resource Manager system, the system selects the participant's default endpoint. You can change to another endpoint by selecting it from the Call Info list or by editing the participant.

You can schedule participants without endpoints into conferences. You cannot schedule endpoints without owners into conferences. The RealPresence Resource Manager system can be configured to allow you to overbook dial-in participants. In this case, dial-in participants can be scheduled to dial into multiple conferences during the same time period, but the system reserves resources for the participant for only the first scheduled conference. Dial-out participants cannot be scheduled into multiple conferences at one time.

Note: Your RealPresence Resource Manager system configuration needs to include an NTP server to ensure successful scheduling. All resources of your video conferencing environment should be set to the same NTP server.