Manage an Active Conference

You can manage an active conference.

Users with the operator or advanced scheduler role can make changes to the conference, such as add new participants, terminate the conference and so on.


  1. Go to Conference > Monitor View.
  2. From the list of All Conferences, select the conference of interest and click Manage .

    The conference page appears in a new tab displaying the Participants list.

  3. Use these actions under the Conference Actions drop-down list as needed:
    • Extend Duration: Extend the duration of an active conference.
    • Change Layout: For applicable endpoints. Change the default video layout for the conference display.
      • Switching. Indicates that the display changes each time the speaker changes, and everyone sees the current speaker.
      • Select a Frame Count, then select the specific layout for the frames.The available layouts are Continuous Presence settings.
    • Add Favorites: Add participants from one of your Favorites lists to the selected conference.
  4. Use these under the Participant Actions drop-down list as needed.

    See Manage a Participant's Endpoint During a Conference for details.