Google+ Application for Social Media Access

The RealPresence Web Suite environment provides support so that users can invite contacts from their personal Google+ accounts to meetings.

You must first create a custom app in Google to authenticate and connect user social networking contacts with the RealPresence Web Suite user environment.

Note: Facebook and LinkedIn contacts are not supported. To add Facebook or LinkedIn contacts to a RealPresence Web Suite meeting, users can send them an invitation by email or send the meeting details in a message on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Before you begin, note the following:
  • Set up a neutral Google account with credentials that can be shared among different members in your team.
  • To avoid dependencies on a single person, do not use any other personal Google account to create the application.
  • If the person currently responsible for the application leaves your organization, the common account credentials can be shared to the team.

Because the Google Developers Console is prone to change from time to time, the instructions here are general.

For specific information about the steps, see the Google Developers Console Help website.

The Google application you create is specific to the FQDN of the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal. You cannot use it again for a different RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal or if you change the FQDN. An IP address change does not require a new app as long as the same FQDN resolves to the new IP address. Always maintain one-to-one mapping between the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal server and the Google app.