Implementing WebRTC

The following are the assumptions and high-level descriptions of how to enable and configure WebRTC across the RealPresence Clariti solution.

  • You have a properly configured and functioning RealPresence Clariti environment that includes the components required to implement the WebRTC solution (see the Getting Started Guide, Administrator Guide, Operations Guide, and/or Online Help of each required component).
  • RealPresence Web Suite Pro works properly for SIP calls.
  • You have enabled the Enhanced Content feature in RealPresence Web Suite Pro.
    Note: RealPresence Web Suite clients using WebRTC are unable to share content unless Enhanced Content is enabled. Ensure that the Enhanced Content feature is always enabled when WebRTC is in use.
When implementing WebRTC, Polycom recommends that you configure the RealPresence Clariti products in the following order:
  • RealPresence Access Director system
  • RealPresence Collaboration Server system
  • RealPresence DMA system
  • RealPresence Web Suite Pro

See the documentation for each product for additional information and detailed procedures for each task.