Single Sign-On Authentication

With SSO enabled, users do not need to re-enter Enterprise Directory credentials on RealPresence Web Suite portals if they are already logged in to the associated Enterprise Directory domain.

RealPresence Web Suite can authenticate Windows and Mac OS X users internally using the credentials they entered when they logged in to the domain.

Note: The SSO version used in this release (Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism, or SPNEGO) works only with Windows and Mac OS X devices logged in to the Enterprise Directory domain.

Android and iOS devices revert to LDAP when logging in to the RealPresence Web Suite portals, and users must enter credentials.

Before you configure SSO, you must first set up a user account in the Enterprise Directory domain for the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal.

See the Microsoft support site for detailed instructions and for further information regarding SSO and the requirements for using it in your Enterprise Directory domain.