RealPresence Web Suite Error Messages

The following are some of the possible errors messages users may encounter when a RealPresence Web Suite client attempts to join a meeting.

Error Message


“External Server Not Set”

  • Confirm that the MEA Server text box has the correct FQDN on the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal Server Settings page.

“Resource is not available”

This message indicates there may be a problem with the software licensing for your RealPresence Web Suite portal servers. The license may not be properly activated or a trial license has expired.

  • Check that you have followed the licensing procedure correctly and check the status of your license.

“The resource limit of the conference has been reached”

This message indicates that your RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal has reached its concurrent usage limit.

  • Check the license capacity and compare it with the current usage level. If necessary, contact your Polycom representative to upgrade the license to increase the user capacity.
  • Restart the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal an additional time to clear the error.

“Call Failed. Far end sip:<dial string> is unreachable”

  • Check that the destination RealPresence DMA system or RealPresence Access Director system is up and reachable by the client.
  • If you have configured the corresponding access point for SIP authentication in the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal administration interface, verify that the correct SIP shared credentials have been entered for the access point. The SIP shared credentials must be re-entered into the administration interface every time the conference configuration section is updated.