Warning Messages

The following are some of the warning messages that appear when a RealPresence Web Suite client attempts to join a meeting.

Warning Message


“Unable to retrieve the meeting information”

This message indicates that RealPresence Web Suite session has been established in a mode where it cannot utilize roster, enhanced content, or WebRTC services.

This can occur during either of the following scenarios:
  • Normal/Expected Scenario: When the user joins a meeting that is not held on a VMR defined on the RealPresence DMA system with which RealPresence Web Suite is integrated. Some RealPresence Web Suite client functionality is unavailable when the RealPresence DMA system forwards the call to another RealPresence DMA system or other call control element for final processing.
  • Abnormal/Unexpected Scenario: For VMR meetings that are terminated and orchestrated on the local RealPresence DMA system, due to a problem with integration between the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal and the RealPresence DMA system. Verify that you have followed the recommendations for adding the RealPresence DMA system and access points.

If the RealPresence DMA system is integrated with Active Directory, then the RealPresence DMA system account used for integration with RealPresence Web Suite must be an Active Directory user, with access to all domains in order to search the VMRs of all users. The Active Directory user may not be a local user defined on the RealPresence DMA system.

“You are in limited experience mode due to network conditions”

This message indicates that the user has connected to the audio-video conference in tunneled mode. This is a limitation while joining a meeting in tunneled mode.