Copy a Certificate Signing Request

After you generate a CSR in the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal or RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal, you must copy it and forward it to your preferred trusted certificate authority.

Note: To send a certificate signing request to a trusted CA as a file, save the file with a .csr extension.


  1. Log in to the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal or the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal administration interface with super admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Platform Settings > Certificate > Certificate list.
  3. Click View next to the CSR.
  4. Copy the CSR starting from BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST through END CERTIFICATE REQUEST (include the leading and trailing dashes).
  5. Paste the text into a text editor.
  6. Save the file with the .csr extension.
  7. Send the file to a third-party Certificate Authority for signing.
    Note: If your CA provides an online form for CSR submission, you can save the *.csr file and paste the copied CSR into the form.