Delete a Certificate

You can delete certificates from the system, but the RealPresence Web Suite system prevents you from deleting any certificate that breaks the identity certificate's chain of trust.

To delete these certificates, you must first install new CA certificates and the identity certificate must be replaced.

There are two kinds of certificate removal:
  • Removing the certificate of a Trusted Root CA so that the system no longer trusts certificates signed by that certificate authority.
  • Removing the signed certificate currently in use, so that the system reverts to using the default self-signed certificate.

    Removing a signed certificate also removes the certificate of the Trusted Root CA that signed it, along with any intermediate certificates provided by that certificate authority.

Installing or removing certificates requires a system restart and terminates all active conferences. When you install or remove a certificate, the change is made to the certificate store immediately, but the system cannot implement the change until it restarts and reads the changed certificate store.

You can delete only trusted certificates. Deleting the signed public key certificate of a server can disrupt access to critical services.

Note: Deleting a root or intermediate certificate provided by a CA breaks the chain of trust for the public key certificate provided by that CA.


  1. Log in to the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal or the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal administration interface with super admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Platform Settings > Certificate > Certificate list.
  3. Click Delete next to the certificate you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete.