Download the MIB

The RealPresence Web Suite MIB relates information about the system.

The information is divided into the following categories:
  • Configuration The static state of each component, for example component type, software version, current owner, values of all configured parameters.
  • Status The dynamic state of each component, for example the number of connections, number of conferences, number of ports (used and available), temperature, fan speed, CPU utilization, memory utilization, network link status, number of dropped packets, jitter measurements, number of successful calls, number of CPU resets.
  • Alerts To notify that an exception condition has occurred, for example a power supply failure, link/down up on a major interface, memory usage exceeding a predefined percentage, connections in an MCU exceeding a threshold, a logical fault or ungraceful transition.
  • Conformance The historical trend for selected groups of data, for example conference load over time for an MCU, bandwidth consumed over time for a network device.


  1. Log in to the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal using super admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Platform Settings > SNMP.
  3. Click Download MIBs.
  4. In the MIBs dialog, select the MIB you want to download.
  5. Click Download MIB.

Polycom recommends using a MIB browser to explore the RealPresence Web Suite system MIB. The RealPresence Web Suite system MIB is self-documenting, including information about the purpose of specific traps and inform notifications.