Enable Enhanced Content Sharing

You can enable the Enhanced Content feature in the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal administration interface.

To enable the sharing of content between HTML5 clients and standards-based clients, RealPresence Web Suite Pro uses the Standards Connector function. The Standards Connector provides a gateway function so that video-based content users can view enhanced content and vice-versa.

The RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal server manages the Standards Connector function and monitors conferences to determine when Standards Connector functions are required. By default, it can use a built-in Standards Connector function to provide the content gateway function for a limited number of conferences. However, Polycom recommends deploying at least one dedicated Standards Connector server.

Note: To prevent Enhanced Content Service clients from receiving a redundant content view in their people video channel, the RealPresence DMA template used must have Send content to legacy endpoints turned off.

Setting the conference template will prevent the legacy endpoints from receiving content. For more information on properly setting up a conference template, see the Polycom RealPresence DMA 7000 System Operations Guide.


  1. If SIP device authentication is enabled on the RealPresence DMA system (the recommended configuration), be sure to specify the SIP device authentication credentials in the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal.

    If device authentication is enabled but the credentials are not specified in the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal, Standards Connectors attempt to connect to the RealPresence DMA system as unauthenticated guests and are subject to the more restrictive guest dial plan.

  2. Log in to the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal administration interface using super admin credentials.
  3. Navigate to Enhanced Content > Standards Connector and enter the correct password for the ecsparticipant system user.

    The default password is ecsparticipant, which you must change for security reasons.

  4. Navigate to Enhanced Content > Settings and specify the file space and size limits for the Enhanced Content feature as described in the following table.



    Space per meeting

    Select the maximum amount of file space per meeting for uploaded content. The default value is 50 MB.

    File size

    Select the maximum size file that can be uploaded. The default value is 10 MB.

  5. To prevent meeting participants (including the chairperson) from being able to download files that have been uploaded to a meeting, select Block files download.
  6. To send live drawing updates on the Whiteboard, enable the option Send live update messages for pen tool.

    If disabled, the live updates are visible only after the completion of the drawing.

    Note: If you enable this option, it impacts the application performance.
  7. Optionally, if many users have lower-resolution monitors (720, 768, or 800 pixels vertical resolution), navigate to Enhanced Content > Resolution and set Content View Resolution to 720p.

    For most environments, leave the default setting of 1080p.

    This setting affects only full-screen sharing. At the default setting, when a lower-resolution monitor is being shared, participants with a higher-resolution monitor see a gray border around the shared content. Changing this setting to 720p ensures that a screen shared from a lower-resolution monitor completely fills the content stage (no gray border) for all participants.

  8. Click Configure.
  9. Navigate to Conference > General Settings, select Enhanced Content enabled, and click Apply.
  10. Navigate to Platform Settings > Restart and click Reboot Server.

Once Enhanced Content is enabled, you can monitor usage at Enhanced Content > Standards Connector. Initially, the built-in Standards Connector (running on the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal server) is listed.