Generate a Certificate Signing Request

You must generate a self-signed certificate or CSR in each of the portals.


  1. Log in to each portal with super admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to Platform Settings > Certificate > Generate CSR/Certificate.
  3. Enter the following information:
    Table 1. Field Values for a CSR



    Operation Type

    In the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal, select one of the following:
    • CSRGenerates a CSR to send to a third-party CA in order to obtain a digitally signed public key certificate.
    • CertificateGenerates a self-signed certificate (not applicable for the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal).


    This field is set to WebServer and cannot be modified.

    Common Name (CN)

    This field is the Subject CN field. It defaults to the FQDN of the portal. If this field is blank, the CSR or self-signed certificate will not include a CN.

    Note: The CN field has been deprecated by the CA/Browser Forum, but is still required by some products, notably Microsoft® Server 2013.

    If generating a CSR to send to a public CA, this field must not contain an internal server name or reserved (non-routable) IP address.


    Enter the legally-registered name of your organization.

    Organizational Unit

    Enter the name of your organization unit or the DBA name of your organization.


    Enter the two-letter ISO code for the country where your organization is located.


    Enter the full name of the state, province, or other political subdivision where your organization is located.


    Enter the city or locality where your organization is located.

    Sub Alternate Name

    This is the SAN field. For a CSR, enter a comma-separated list of names that the signed certificate must include. Because the CN field is deprecated, it is recommended to include the portal FQDN in the SAN field, even if the CN field contains the FQDN.

  4. Click Generate.
  5. Restart the portals.
    Note: Restarting web services will log out all users. The system remains inaccessible until you restart the web services. Restart only during a maintenance window when there is no activity on the system.