Joining Meetings from RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal

After a host schedules a meeting, attendees receive an email invitation containing a URL. After clicking the URL, attendees can join meetings from the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal.

The meeting host automatically becomes the meeting chairperson upon joining the meeting. Depending on the settings used in the deployment, some meetings may require the chairperson to join before the session can start. Until then, attendees cannot see or interact with each other.

Participants and guests can send the URL to others via a chat message, a calendar invitation, or an email.

Depending on the following settings, the system will connect attendees to the web browser or launch RealPresence Desktop/RealPresence Mobile. Then attendees can continue joining the meetings from the web browser or RealPresence Desktop/RealPresence Mobile.

  • Administrator enables or disables WebRTC.
  • Attendees use computers or mobile devices.
  • Attendees select or deselect Join without Audio and Video.
  • If attendees use their secondary device to join the meetings.