Accessibility Features

The following table lists the accessibility features available for users in the RealPresence Web Suite Services and RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portals.

Table 1. Accessibility Features in RealPresence Web Suite

Accessibility Feature


Enlarged text and images

You can view enlarged text and images in both portals by using a screen magnifier or other Assistive Technology options available on your computer or device.

Text icons and menu options

Menu options and icons in both portals include text that can be read by screen readers. Text is also provided for all animations.

High contrast visibility

You can view most screens in the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal in High Contrast mode. The color contrast ratio for most text elements is 7.5:1, except for error alerts where the contrast ratio is 3.9:1.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can perform major feature tasks in both portals using the Tab, Enter, and arrow keys on the keyboard.

Nonspeech options

You can communicate with other meeting attendees using video and instant messages.

Amplified audio output

Audio output during meetings is compatible with hearing loop technology.

Visual speaker indication

An active speaker indicator displays in the Roster in the RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal.

Note: You can view additional accessibility features available for your computer or device by visiting the manufacturer website.