Terminology Used in This Guide

You will notice the same terms and conventions used repeatedly throughout this guide.

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with these terms and conventions so that you understand how to perform video conferencing tasks.

Roster A list of attendees participating in a RealPresence Web Suite meeting. This list shows all the meeting attendees including chairpersons, participants, or guests.

Attendee Refers to anyone participating in a RealPresence Web Suite meeting.
  • Chairperson The in-meeting role with the greatest level of privileges. A chairperson attendee controls the meeting and has full privileges, including the ability to share content, assign content sharing rights, control the meeting using the Roster, and start or end a meeting. The meeting host is automatically given chairperson rights.
  • Participant  The in-meeting role with an intermediate level of privileges. A participant attendee can receive audio and video and typically can also share content.
  • Guest The in-meeting role with the most restrictive level of privileges. A guest attendee can receive audio and video but has limited permissions for other meeting functions.
Meeting An active conference with one or more attendees.
  • WebRTC Conference A web conference that attendees join with web browser enabled with real-time communication capabilities.
  • Non-WebRTC Conference  A conference is in comparison with the WebRTC conference that attendees can join with following methods:
    • If attendees join with the primary device, the attendees will join with the RealPresence Web Suite soft client.
    • If attendees join with the secondary device without audio and video, the attendees will join with web browser.
VMR "VMR" stands for Virtual Meeting Room, a virtual space where a meeting can be held. Each VMR has a numerical identifier associated with it. RealPresence Web Suite works with two types of VMRs:
  • Personal VMR that is persistent, reusable, and typically assigned for the use of a particular meeting host.
  • Ad hoc VMR that is ephemeral and created to host a single meeting instance.

Content Documents, graphics, whiteboards, blackboards, or videos that attendees can share with others.

Soft Client An application (RealPresence Desktop or RealPresence Mobile) that RealPresence Web Suite attendees can use to join and control the non-WebRTC meetings.

Extension An program that extends the sharing content capabilities for the RealPresence Web Suite attendees who using Google Chrome to join the WebRTC meetings.