Troubleshooting Audio Issues

This section explains how to troubleshoot audio issues. For more information on adjusting your microphone, speaker, or system volume levels, consult your device manufacturer's help documentation.

Hearing Echoes While a Meeting is in Progress

Hearing echoes during a meeting is typically caused by a high volume setting. Try having all participants in the meeting set their speaker volume to 50 percent.

Low Audio from a Participant

You may experience low audio when the participant with low microphone volume first joins the meeting. It is usually caused by the low microphone volume of the participant. Try having all participants adjust their microphone gain or boost levels.

Miscellaneous Audio Issues

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a process to perform audio enhancements. Depending on the enabled enhancements, this process can use a significant amount of CPU and cause a drop in call quality. Polycom includes all of the required enhancements in the audio library.

Disabling the Windows Audio Enhancements process in Windows 7 and using the Polycom-included enhancements may resolve audio issues.