Start and Join an Ad Hoc Meeting

Starting an ad hoc meeting directly from the RealPresence Web Suite Services Portal is similar to scheduling a meeting. The only difference is you connect directly to the meeting after you send the meeting invitation to other attendees.


  1. Click Meet Now
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • In the To field, enter valid email addresses, Enterprise Directory contacts user names, or user names of social media contacts.
    • Type a Subject for the meeting.
    • Type or paste a meeting agenda in the Agenda field.
  3. Expand Meeting options:
    1. To set up meeting information, do one of the followings:
      • Select Use Personal VMR to enter your VMR number and VMR passcode. To initiate a WebRTC meeting, you need to enter a VMR number from RealPresence DMA system.
      • If not use personal VMR, click Meeting passcode to add a numeric passcode that attendees must enter to join the meeting.
      • If not use personal VMR, click Chairperson passcode to add a separate numeric passcode that identifies the meeting chairpersons.
    2. Click Allow only Enterprise Users to specify that only users from within your organizational domain can enter the meeting.
  4. Click Start to start the meeting.

    At this time, the attendees you invited receive email notifications that include a link to the meeting. When they click the link, they are directed to the online meeting room.

  5. Configure your audio and video preferences and click Continue to join the meeting.
    Note: If you choose to use a meeting or chairperson passcode, the passcode is not included in the meeting invite. Send the passcode to the participants offline.
    You are routed to RealPresence Web Suite Experience Portal and then connected to meeting either using the web browser or soft client.