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April 2019 | 3725-69595-001A

Polycom Trio and Amazon Alexa for Business Integration FAQs


Why can I not see my Polycom Trio devices on the Amazon Alexa for Business page of the Polycom Cloud Services portal?
Make sure 'Allow devices to enable for Business' is toggled to 'Yes'. When this is toggled to No, the feature is turned off and all Polycom Trio devices get removed from the Amazon Alexa for Business page.
To recover the devices, repair and repoint all the devices to the Polycom Cloud Services portal.
Why do the Polycom Cloud Services Android logs not show recent Amazon Alexa for Business log ins?
There may be connectivity issues that does not allow the log ins to be updated.
To ensure Amazon Alexa recent activities are logged in, PCC should be connected, on boarded and Alexa must be enabled as a tenant. 
To check the connectivity, you can go into the Android system logs, filter out all Alexa for Business related logs.
If there is an issue with AWS, look at the system logs on Cloud.
To check the Cloud system logs run the query:
JSON : {"type":"response","status":{"code":200,"error":""},"name":"INIT","frameId":"initFrame","payload":
000234.461|pcc  |4|00|Orion-Connector m_bIsOnboarded = 1 isA4BServiceEnabled() = 1
If the above parameters are true, Alexa is connected. If false, Alexa is not connected.
When in a call, why doesn’t Alexa respond?
Alexa only responds to certain commands while you are in a call. For Example: Volume up / Volume down, Hang up
Why certain commands don’t work with Polycom Trio that work with my personal Alexa device?

A4B does not support certain features such as:


- Reading books from Kindle/Audible

- Playing music

- Shopping

- Prime membership management

- Changing of Alexa settings by voice

- Teaching new things Alexa

Is Alexa listening / will Alexa respond when the Trio is muted?
Alexa doesn’t understand me but works with others giving commands in the room. Is there a training mode?
No, there is no training mode for A4B
Why isn’t Alexa responding to Hands free commands?
Confirm if Alexa is configured for Hands free or Push to talk
Can we change the wake word when using hands free for Alexa?
No, you will not be able to change the wake word and must leave it as the default “Alexa”
Can the user change the mode from Hands Free to Push to talk?
No, Admin decides if Polycom Trio is configured for Hands Free or Push to Talk.  If the Admin configures Polycom Trio for Hands Free, then the user can change the settings to push to talk in the settings if they know the password to access the Administrator’s settings
How do I know Polycom Trio is integrated to Alexa?
The Alexa icon is blue when integrated, and grey if not integrated.
What calendars does Alexa for Business support on Polycom Trio?

Alexa for Business supports the following calendars on Polycom Trio:

a.     Office 365;

b.     Google G Suite;

c.     Microsoft Exchange

Why can’t I have Alexa for Business dial out to a participant while in a call?
Because it is currently not supported
My Polycom Trio is daisy – chained to another Trio. Why can’t I get Alexa for Business to respond to my commands during a call?
While a conference is in progress, the master Trio will only have Alexa for Business rights. The Trios to which the master Trio is daisy-chained, lose their Alexa for Business rights or capabilities while the call is in progress. Thus, only the master Trio will respond to commands
Where do I get my Cloud Registration code in the Trio menu?
Go to Settings > Status > Cloud Status
What do I do if the Registration Code is blank and the Status is not Connected?
Ensure that the setup at has been completed, go to Settings > Basic > Update Configuration, if it is still blank use the soft reboot under Settings > Basic > Reboot Phone
I receive an error message when trying to integrate A4B with PDMS, what do I need to check?
Please verify that you have the proper permissions in A4B.  Please go to and click Support for further assistance in confirming the Permission Requirements
Can I use Microsoft Teams with Alexa for Business?
This is not currently supported
I am outside of North America. Can I use Alexa for Business?
Alexa for Business service outside of North America is not currently supported. For more information, contact AWS support
Does Alexa support languages other than English?
Alexa only supports English at this point fo time
Does a room need to be created?
For certain features to function properly, yes, a room should be created and the Trio associated with the room
Where can I find additional details about the A4B features?
Is there a bulk registration option?
No, not at this time. Please speak to your Polycom reseller / sales representative to put this in as a feature request
All of my A4B devices are currently down. What can I check to verify the issue?
Please go to . If there are no apparent issues, please verify that your account is active with AWS.
What do the different color light rings mean?
How do I get in touch with AWS for support?
Product Setup
What do I need to set up an Alex for Business account?

You will need an AWS Alexa for Business service account and a Polycom Cloud Services account. This allows the Polycom Cloud Service to register devices to your Alexa for Business account


To link your accounts, you must create an ‘IAM Role’ in your Alexa for Business account and install it into Polycom Cloud Services account


This role grants the necessary permissions to Polycom Cloud Services account to register devices to Alexa for Business account. To set up your ‘IAM Role,’ sign into your AWS account and then go to Alexa for Business > AVS Permissions and follow the instructions


If your company doesn’t have a Polycom Cloud Services account yet, please contact your Polycom sales partner to obtain a free 60-day trial license

Can you assist me with creating an “IAM Role” in my A4B account?

Please contact AWS for assistance

I am concerned about the privacy of my meetings. Is Alexa recording my meetings?

Alexa Privacy and Data Handling Overview


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