Olson Time Zone Configuration

Polycom Trio systems support Olson time zones in the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) database.

Note: To ensure you set the correct time zone for your devices, Polycom recommends that you configure an Olson time zone.

When you set a valid Olson time zone ID from the IANA database, it overrides existing Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) offset and daylight saving time (DST) rules set for your Polycom device and any paired Polycom Trio Visual+ or Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series system.

If the parameter value is null, the Polycom device attempts to match your existing GMT offset and DST rules with one of the Olson time zones that you can choose in the Web Configuration Utility or device menu. Note that your GMT offset and DST rules may not match one of these time zones because not every Olson time zone in the IANA database is listed in these locations. In these cases:

  • The Polycom Trio system uses the existing configured GMT offset and DST rules.
  • The time zone for third-party applications, for example, the Zoom Rooms Controller application, is set to the GMT offset with DST rules disabled.
  • The Polycom Trio system application log logs a warning.
  • Paired Trio VisualPro and RealPresence Group Series systems use the default time zone.
  • Paired Polycom Trio Visual+ systems use the time zone configured for the Polycom Trio system.
You can set an Olson time zone on Polycom Trio systems using one of the following methods:
  • Set a valid Olson time zone ID using the parameter tcpIpApp.sntp.olsonTimezoneID. Polycom recommends this method for mass provisioning.
  • Use the Web Configuration Utility to select a time zone for a single device.
  • Use a device menu to choose a time zone for a single device.

Note that if you are using multiple methods, there are priority rules among methods.