User Profiles

When you set up user profiles, you enable users to access their personal phone settings, including their contact directory, speed dials, and other phone settings from any phone on the network.

This feature is particularly useful for remote and mobile workers who do not have a dedicated work space and conduct their business in more than one location. This feature is also useful if an office has a common conference phone from which multiple users need to access their personal settings.

Note: You can configure all company phones so that anyone can call authorized and emergency numbers when not logged in to a phone. For more information, see dialplan.routing.emergency.outboundIdentity.
If you set up the user profile feature, a user can log in to a phone by entering their user ID and password. The default password is 123. If the user profile feature is set up on your company's phones, users can:
  • Log in to a phone to access their personal phone settings.
  • Place a call to an authorized number from a phone that is in the logged out state.
  • Change their user password.
  • Log out of a phone after they finish using it.

If a user changes any settings while logged in to a phone, the settings save and display the next time the user logs in to another phone. When a user logs out, the user's personal phone settings are no longer displayed.