Custom Icons for Contacts and Line Registrations

You can configure Poly Trio systems to display custom icons for registered lines and user photos for contacts in the Local Contact Directory and favorites on the Home screen.

Poly recommends uploading PNG images that are 106 x 106 pixels with a size of 100 KB or smaller. The maximum image size you can upload is 200 x 200 pixels, however, the phone automatically scales the icons to 106 x 106 pixels. You can configure up to 24 icons for registered lines and contacts on the Poly Trio system.

You can add the icons to the root directory or a subdirectory on the provisioning server or specify the URL location for the icons. If you place icons in a subdirectory, specify the subdirectory in the ICONS_DIRECTORY attribute in the <APPLICATION> tag in the MAC.cfg file.

Note: Make sure that the icons configured and distributed through Polycom UC Software do not violate any Intellectual Property rights.